NuLink Worker Release Notes

The current version is 0.5.0


  1. Update the nulink contract to the latest version

  2. Power the latest nulink contract

  3. Fix some bugs

  4. Added support for nodes that only use one set of main chains when cross-chaining

  5. Added support for conflux test network


  1. Add the version check mechanism #7

  2. Repair the worker node selection algorithm and add a backup plan

  3. Repair the bonding auto-failure issue

  4. Repair the collected cfrag not enough issue #9 #10

  5. Add the concurrent mechanism in the cfrag request. #10 #11


  1. Release the docker image of worker node

  2. Release the python installation package

  3. Deploy the test network Horus constructed by worker node

  4. Repair the transaction estimation error using web3 library #1

  5. Fix the node reboot mechanism #2 #4

  6. Support the Windows support keystore file path

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