NuLink for DApp Builders

If you are new to the NuLink network and looking to develop a privacy-preserving Dapp, we recommend using the NuLink Agent directly. Integrating the NuLink Agent-SDK into your Dapp will automatically enable communication between your Dapp and the NuLink Agent.

If you already have a deeper understanding of the NuLink network, you can utilize the NuLink SDK to perform more fundamental operations in developing your Dapp. We offer a demonstration Dapp to exhibit the seamless integration of the NuLink SDK into applications.

To start developing your Dapp with the NuLink Agent-SDK, follow these steps:

  1. Read the Documentation: Explore the NuLink Agent-SDK documentation to understand the functionalities and usage of the NuLink Agent-SDK.

  2. Integrate NuLink Agent-SDK: Follow the integration guide provided in the documentation to seamlessly incorporate the NuLink Agent-SDK into your Dapp.

  3. Explore Demonstration Dapp: Refer to the NuLink Agent-SDK Demonstration Dapp to get a hands-on tutorial on how Dapps interact with the NuLink Agent in a real-world scenario.

For Dapp builders with a deeper understanding of the NuLink network, the NuLink SDK offers more fundamental operations for developing privacy-focused applications.

  • NuLink SDK Demo: This Dapp serves as an illustrative example for third-party users, demonstrating how they can incorporate the NuLink SDK to enhance interaction with their own applications. The demo showcases the integration of the NuLink SDK, enabling features such as encrypted file uploads, privacy sharing, and targeted user downloads. The SDK demo consists of two parts: the first part demonstrates the process of integrating encrypted privacy sharing, while the second part showcases the utilization of the web interface to encrypt and upload files to the distributed network for specified users. By integrating the SDK, developers can harness the capabilities of the NuLink network for secure document transfers and data sharing.

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