Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is NuLink? NuLink network is a decentralized solution for privacy-preserving applications developers to implement best practices and best of breed security and privacy. The NuLink network provides endpoint encryption and cryptographic access control. Sensitive user data can be securely shared from any user platform to cloud or decentralized storage and access to that data is granted automatically by policy in Proxy Re-Encryption or Attribute-Based Encryption. For the data user on the other side, Zero-Knowledge Proof can help them verify the data source. In more advanced privacy-preserving use cases, NuLink uses Fully Homomorphic Encryption to customize enterprise-level data computation services.
Q: What problems does NuLink solve and how? Today it is complicated(sometimes expensive) to implement security and encryption of personal data. NuLink want to offer an out of box encryption solution that makes it easy to implement best practice, modern and up to data security. The solution will offer everything needed including data encryption, key and storage management, inter-blockchain deployment and much more.
Q: How is NuLink different from other privacy networks? NuLink network is an algorithm-based solution to protect the privacy data. We provide a combination of cryptography technologies(such as PRE, IBE/ABE, ZKP, FHE) to solve 3 parts of privacy data issues: data availability, privacy data sharing, and privacy data computing.

Horus Testnet

Q: Is Horus testnet a blockchain ? No, Horus testnet is an independent network which deployed in BNB testnet. It includes five parts: a cryptographic service provider network constructed by many worker nodes; a bundle of smart contracts in BNB testnet which used to incentive the worker nodes; a Dapp for user to manage his worker nodes and interact with the smart contracts; an agent to handle the local cryptographic operations; a Dapp for user to deal with the privacy file sharing service provided by the worker nodes.