Testnet Milestones

Horus 2.0 is structured to evolve through three distinct phases, each bringing valuable features and enhancements to the NuLink testnet environment. Currently, we are in phase 1.

Phase 1 (2023.Q4-2024,Q1)

  1. Staking Dashboard Release:

  2. Worker Node Installer Testing:

Phase 2

  1. NuLink Agent Integration:

    • The NuLink Agent will be connected to the Horus 2.0 testnet, allowing developers to test and interact with this privacy-focused solution.

  2. NuLink Demo DApp Integration:

    • A demonstration DApp showcasing NuLink functionalities will be connected to the testnet, providing hands-on experience for users and developers.

  3. Blockchain Support:

    • Horus will expand its compatibility by supporting multiple blockchains, enhancing the versatility and accessibility of the testnet.

Phase 3

  1. NuLink Snaps Release:

    • NuLink Snaps, a decentralized end-to-end data management tool, will be officially released on the Horus 2.0 testnet.

  2. Storage Payment Mechanism Integration:

    • The integration of NuLink's storage payment mechanism into the testnet, ensuring a comprehensive and functional environment.

  3. Grant Program DApp Deployment:

    • DApps developed as part of NuLink's grant program will be deployed on the Horus 2.0 testnet, showcasing diverse applications within the ecosystem.

The phased development of Horus 2.0 on the NuLink testnet reflects our commitment to providing a robust, secure, and feature-rich environment for developers and users alike.

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