NuLink Worker Update

The NuLink worker node need to be updated when a new version is released.The update procedure could be different for the docker environment and local environment.

Make sure putting a small amount of native token(tBNB) to the worker account for sending one confirmation transaction.

Update in docker environment

Make sure you still hold your staking account and worker account. The update in docker is simple: stop the node, pull the latest image and restart the node.

  1. Stop the running node in Docker:

    docker kill <container ID>

    Delete the container:

    docker rm <container ID>
  2. Pull the latest NuLink image.

    docker pull nulink/nulink:latest
  3. Re-launch the worker node.

    docker run --restart on-failure -d \
    --name ursula \
    -p 9151:9151 \
    -v /root/nulink:/code \
    -v /root/nulink:/home/circleci/.local/share/nulink \
    nulink/nulink nulink ursula run --no-block-until-ready

Update in local environment

The update procedure in local environment is:

  1. Access to your virtual environment

    source /root/nulink-venv/bin/activate
  2. Stop the running node

    screen -x nulink-worker // use this command if you run the worker node in a screen session
    press ctrl+c
  3. Uninstall the old package and install the new package

    pip uninstall nulink-0.2.0-py3-none-any.whl // make sure the package name matches your installed package
    pip install nulink-0.5.0-py3-none-any.whl
  4. Verify Installation use the same command when install the first time. Check Here

  5. Launch the node use the same config file

screen -S nulink-worker // use this command if you want to run the worker node in a screen session
nulink ursula run --no-block-until-ready

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