NuLink SDK Release Notes

The current version is 0.5.0

v0.5.0 (2023/12/20):

  1. Fixed some SDK interface bugs

  2. Added cross-chain logic support to the SDK

  3. Optimized some SDK interface logic

  4. Updated some dependency packages

  5. Updated the Nulink contract to the latest version

  6. Added batch approval functionality to the SDK

v0.1.0 (2023/07/22):

  1. Add batch approval for file requests.

  2. Port IPFS service access to the backend.

  3. Add support for multiple networks.

  4. Support the Conflux network.

v0.0.6 (2023/05/15):

  1. Initial release of NuLink SDK.

  2. Added support for secure file transfer and data sharing.

  3. Integrated NuLink proxy for seamless application layer integration.

  4. Enabled encrypted uploads, private sharing, and user-specified downloads.

  5. Improved documentation and code examples for simplified third-party application integration.

  6. Integrated NuLink network for enhanced security and decentralization.

  7. Incorporated NuLink smart contract integration for secure and transparent data sharing.

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