NuLink Dashboard Release Notes

The current version is v0.5.0


1. Staker Management:

  • Stake and unstake functionalities have been implemented to allow users to easily manage their staking activities.

  • Bond and unbond features are now available, providing flexibility in staking operations.

  • Monitor the status of nodes directly from the dashboard for enhanced control and visibility.

2. Staking Rewards Statistics:

  • Comprehensive statistics for the entire network's staking rewards are now accessible, including detailed information on reward distribution.

  • Stakers' details are readily available, providing insights into individual staking activities and contributions to the network.

3. Service Bonus Statistics:

  • The dashboard now includes statistics on the whole network's service bonus, along with a breakdown of its distribution.

4. Testnet Faucet and Metamask Support:

  • Access to the testnet faucet has been integrated into the dashboard for convenient claiming of test tokens.

  • Seamless support for Metamask has been added, enhancing the user experience for interacting with the dashboard.

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