NuLink for Stakers

Stakers are crucial contributors to the NuLink network, playing a vital role in providing services and maintaining the decentralized infrastructure. NuLink offers dedicated tools and resources to facilitate staking activities and ensure the smooth operation of the network.

Staking Dashboard

NuLink Staking Dashboard is a user-friendly interface designed to empower stakers in managing their staking activities. Key features include:

  • Managing Staking Activities: Stakers can efficiently manage their staking activities(stake,unstake,claim deposit and claim reward) through the dashboard.

  • Bonding/Unbonding Service Nodes: Detailed instructions on bonding service nodes to the staker's account.

  • Tracking Rewards: The dashboard provides a transparent view of earned rewards, allowing stakers to assess the success of their contributions.

  • Monitoring Contributions: Stakers can track their contributions to the network, gaining insights into their impact on the NuLink ecosystem.

  • Ensuring Smooth Operation: Stakers can utilize the dashboard to ensure the smooth operation of NuLink services, addressing any issues promptly.

Learn more about the NuLink Staking Dashboard.

The NuLink Worker Installer simplifies the deployment of NuLink worker nodes, enabling stakers to contribute computing resources to the NuLink network efficiently. The installation process involves:

  1. Creating Worker Account: Stakers need to create a dedicated worker account to manage their worker node.

  2. Worker Installation: Detailed instructions on installing the NuLink worker on the staker's infrastructure.

  3. Initialization and Running: Guidance on initializing and running the NuLink worker node for optimal performance.

  4. Worker Update: Information on updating the NuLink worker to the latest version for access to new features and improvements.

  5. Worker Bond Update: Steps to follow for rebonding NuLink worker after unbonding or unstaking. Explore the NuLink Worker Installer for step-by-step instructions.

Warning: Do not use same address for staker account and worker account.

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