Staking Dashboard


NuLink Staking Dashboard is a platform for managing the staker/worker account. Users could log in his staking account through the Metamask wallet, stake NLKs(test), and bond Worker account to get the reward. You can access NuLink Staking Dashboard through this link.

To engage to the NuLink Dashboard for the Horus network, users must obtain the initial funds of NLKs (test) and BNBs (test) by clicking the faucet button located in the upper right corner.

NuLink Staking dashboard provides users with the flexibility to choose between Dark and Light modes. To switch between these modes simply clicking the button next to the faucet button.

Getting Started with the Staking Dashboard

Staking Dashboard is a powerful tool designed to provide staker with comprehensive control and insights into their staking activities on the NuLink network. The dashboard is organized into three main pages, each serving a specific purpose.

1. Explore Staking Statistics

Navigate to the Staking Statistics page to check the overall staking statistics and gain insights into the staking reward distribution across the entire network. Detailed information on individual stakers and their contributions is readily available, providing a holistic view of the staking ecosystem. Refer here for detail instruction.

2. Dive into Service Bonus Statistics

Explore the Service Bonus Statistics page to access comprehensive data on the overall network's service bonus. Monitor the distribution of service bonuses and gain valuable insights into how bonuses are allocated. This page is essential for understanding the broader dynamics of service bonuses within the NuLink network.Refer here for detail instruction.

3. Take Control with Staking Management

The Staking Management page allows staker to actively participate in staking operations. Here, staker can stake or unstake your tokens, bond or unbond, and closely monitor the status of their nodes. This page provides a centralized hub for managing staking activities efficiently. Refer here for detail instruction.

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